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Welcome to the Honor Project

The Honor Project Trust is charged with the responsibility of distributing disgorged funds pursuant to the terms in the Court Order dated July 9, 2012 in case CV 07-633857.  The following three phases of distributions are intended to occur during the calendar years 2013-14.

Exhibit “A” Distributions:

The first phase of distributions began Fall, 2012.  Efforts were made by The Honor Project Trust to make contact with those specific entities identified by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office (AGO).   Distributions for Exhibit “A” were completed in December, 2013.

General Cy Pres Tier I and II Distributions:

Thank you for submitting your Application to The Honor Project Trust Cy Pres* Distribution.  Tier I Applications are closed.  The charities were selected and are in receipt of their checks.  Click here for a complete list of the recipients that were awarded funds from the Tier I distribution.

Tier II will be distributed to select qualifying 501(c)(3) charitable organizations within the State of Ohio pursuant to the doctrine of Cy Pres.  All organizations interested in being considered must register through this site.  All future information will be provided solely through electronic means, and only to the organizations that register here.  Please make sure all your information is complete.

We have modified the process to apply for funds.  It is no longer required to separately complete an inquiry, followed by an application.

The Tier II application is now open. CLICK HERE FOR A LINK TO A PDF OF THE TIER II APPLICATION.  REMEMBER, YOU MUST REGISTER AND SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION ON LINE ONLY. If you filled out an Application for Tier I, your information will automatically be transferred into the Tier II Application process on Monday, February 17, 2014.  You must still log-in and review your information to ensure it is complete and that nothing has changed.  If you did not fill out a Tier I Application, please go directly to the Tier II Application and complete it.  Incomplete Applications will not be considered.

If you have received a distribution in Tier I, you may apply again for Tier II.   However, Tier II will not fund the same programs that were funded in Tier I.

Thank you for your time and patience.  Feel free to email Barbara Marlowe at bmarlowe@honorproject.org with your questions.

*Cy pres is a doctrine used in class actions to handle settlement monies which are unclaimed by class members after distribution is finished.  Cy pres means “as nearly as possible.” It allows the court—or the parties by agreement—to put a beneficial use to monies, where the payment as intended has not been made.