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Welcome to the Honor Project

The Honor Project Trust is charged with the responsibility of distributing disgorged funds pursuant to the terms in the Court Order dated July 9, 2012 in case CV 07-633857.  The following three phases of distributions are intended to occur during the calendar years 2013-14.

Exhibit “A” Distributions:

The first phase of distributions began Fall, 2012.  Efforts were made by The Honor Project Trust to make contact with those specific entities identified by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office (AGO).   Distributions for Exhibit “A” were completed in December, 2013.

General Cy Pres Tier I and II Distributions:

Thank you for submitting your Application to The Honor Project Trust Cy Pres* Distribution.  Tier I  and Tier II Applications are closed. Click on the following links to view a complete list of recipients for each Tier Distribution:  Tier I Recipients and Tier II Recipients.

*Cy pres is a doctrine used in class actions to handle settlement monies which are unclaimed by class members after distribution is finished.  Cy pres means “as nearly as possible.” It allows the court—or the parties by agreement—to put a beneficial use to monies, where the payment as intended has not been made.